Shoe styles change through time, but the ways to care for them will always be the same. If you’re looking to make your shoes look new for as long as possible, this shoe care guide contains the proper ways to preserve your shoes’ condition, without having to spend a fortune.

Skip the wash

While a lot of people do this, using the washing machine to clean your shoes is a no-no, especially if your shoe is made out of canvas or mesh material. Even the most gentle cycle of the washing machine can damage the adhesive that bonds your shoes together and makes your shoes look worn out.

Keep the air circulating

Much like human skin, your shoes need air to breathe. So don’t suffocate your shoes in thick plastic bags or containers. Give it a good amount of airflow to prolong its newness and save it from bacteria and thus, unpleasant odor.

Switch shoes from time to time

Wearing a single pair of shoes every single day will shorten the lifespan of your footwear. When this happens, no cleaning method would be able to save it. Change shoes every so often for them to look good for as long as it takes.

Dry feet before wearing

Wet or damp feet can cause bacteria buildup from underneath your feet. This doesn’t only cause skin issues, but also molds to your precious footwear.

Wipe off as fast as possible

 Mud and liquid spills should be wiped off of your shoe as quickly as possible because they leave stains and moisture that damage the shoe’s material.

Avoid the heater

Got your shoes wet? Skip the dryer and hang it to dry naturally.

Following these shoe care tips will help you keep your shoes in its prime condition. When looking for ways on how to take care of shoes, keep in mind that shoes, especially leather ones, are delicate and they need to be treated with care to last.

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