Shoes are every woman’s fetish, that’s why it’s very easy to purchase multiple pairs that you don’t really need. This isn’t very practical and you’re going to waste a lot of money if you keep this up. However, if you’re looking to start your very own essential shoe collection, this shoe buying guide will teach you the staples to buy and keep in your footwear closet.

So how to buy shoes? What are the best types of shoes for women to start with?

Ballet flats

If you’re a busy girl who’s always on the move, ballet flats make a good investment. Sometimes, heels are too painful to bear, no matter how sexy or pretty they look. The great thing about ballet flats is that they match virtually all sorts of outfits including dress, skirts, jeans, or shorts. When buying, it’s a good idea to start with a pair in soft metallic gold color. It resembles a neutral tone, which goes well with a variety of clothing pieces and colors.

Nude heels

For bigger events such as meetings and date nights, a pair of nude heels would help create the desired look effectively. If you think one pair is enough, might as well choose a shade that’s close to your skin tone. Nude heels do a pretty good job in elongating the wearer’s legs and complementing any outfit color so you won’t have to worry about your heels clashing with your ensemble for the day.

Black pumps

Black is always a fashion staple, especially in footwear. Black pumps are best in minimalist by fashion and can work with both heavy and light dresses and skirts. Aside from dresses and skirts, it can work with leggings and boyfriend jeans. Work or play, a pair of black pumps will ace up your sleeve.

Flat sandals

Warm weather calls for comfort and breathability. If you’re looking to complete your look this spring or summer, a pair of flats with neutral tones and simple accents will help you create a laid-back look for the season.

About Christine Butcher

Christine is a fashion student and is a fan of minimalist and monotone attires. She is currently in her last year of education but has already worked with different clothing lines.